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Ankara Castle

Ankara Castle is a historic castle in the District of Ankara Altındağ. Made is not known exactly when the BC 2. at the beginning of the century Are there of the castle during the settling to Ankara. Romans, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans many times repair. Bursting out of Ankara Castle. Each year various festivals hosts.

The Castle has survived in various periods. BC 2. After the occupation the Romans at the beginning of the century, the city grew by Castle Galatia offsite overflowed. Roman Emperor Caracalla in 217 BC, the walls of the Castle onarttı. 222 BC-260 between Emperor Alexander Severus, when defeated by the Persians were partially destroyed the Castle. 7. century 2. After the Romans began to repair the Castle. During the Byzantine era the Emperor II. Justinian built the fortress ' external MS 668, [2] the Emperor III. Leo the Isaurian (C. 680) 740 when repairing the castle wall ' inside the fortress walls. After that, Emperor Nikeforos 805, Emperor Basil I 869, this has been rebuit. The Castle passed into the hands of the Seljuks in 1073. [2] founded in 1101 Haçlılarca in 1227 the castle was ruled by the Seljuks seized. Alaeddin Keykubad I rebuild the fortress onart, 1249 is in II. New additions to the Castle kaykaus. In the Ottoman period in 1832 by the forces of Ali Pasha, Muhammad Ali, has been repaired, the outer walls of the Castle.

The castle's location at an altitude of 110 m. Covering high portion of Citadel Hill and encompassing the area around the outer Castle. There are about 20 of the outer Castle Tower. Outside the castle in the old city of Ankara. Interior Castle approximately 43000 km². 14 – 16 m-high walls on most 5 square 42 Tower. [3] the outer walls in the North-South direction and is approximately 350 m, West-East direction is 180 m. The South and West of the citadel walls creates a steep angle. The East wall of the Hill follows the indentation tabs. North slope is made with different techniques are protected with walls. Protection scheme of the highlight; along the East, West and South walls of 15 – 20 m located in 42 one has pentagonal bastions. Outside the castle with the Interior Castle, in the East-facing slope in the West merges hatip tea Doğukalesi. The southeast corner of the inner Castle is the highest point of the castle is Adams. The four-storey Interior Castle Ankara stone and aggregate stones. There are two major gate of the Citadel. One of the outer door, the other is hisar gate carries the name. It belongs to a deİlhanlılar inscription over the door. There is a post that shows the northwest part of the Seljuks made. The walls are made of marble and the lower part of the upper parts of basalt blocks include brick sections largely unharmed, but the Interior Castle intact. 8 and 9. century be freed to invade the city to repair the Castle quickly, at the time, which is in ruins, the Roman monuments of marble blocks, marble of the column headings, waterways were used on the tracks. The Castle structure in common sculpture, sarcophagi, column headers are located around the castle's construction and repair of materials is being exploited.