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Kocatepe Mosque

Kocatepe mosque, Ankara's Kocatepe district in 1967, construction begun and Turkey religious foundation by the construction of the mosque was completed in 1987.

Kocatepe mosque project Architect Vedat Dalokay's competition opened for winning  and the Foundation of the mosque, according to the project, but "too modern" to have thrown this project was abandoned. instead, in 1967, Hüsrev Valay and Fatin Umelo's Foundation of the project he was thrown out of a new mosque. This project, due to mimic the style of Sinan the architect. Dac's project with some modifications applied to Feisal mosque in Pakistan.

Kitano-he worked on construction took too long. in 1981, the mosque's construction on and took over the Turkey religious Foundation assets. After this date the construction work accelerating Kocatepe mosque in 1987, the then Prime Minister Turgut Ozal by opened for worship.

4500 m² built mosques over an area at the bottom of the Conference Hall, library, parking, commercial offices and administrative units, developed the architecture of Mimar Sinan built committed to Wikipedia main space 4 Kocatepe Camii elephant foot resting on a central dome consists of four half-dome. The mosque has four minarets 88 m in length. [2] both the elevator and stairs to cheers minarets is covered. The mosque articles Hamit Aytaç and Ogweno by, conference room, was written by the writing Emin Barın. The mosque's carpet patterns Opium considering the Ulu mosque in carpet patterns. The mosque's chandeliers, mihrab, minbar, doors, tiles and marble are specially designed and made a fine workmanship. Seperated in the classical Ottoman Architecture was taken from the Interior as tiles, marble, the material sample yellow m, gold leaf and special paints.