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Ilısu Fall

George County is located in the village of Ilisu Ilısu Waterfall, George 67 kilometers, to Ermenek and 64 kilometers to 89 from kilometres away. Erik Deresinden (olukpınarı) and is fed by the water resources from the Ilisu. Pours water waterfall 5 km then participate in Ermenek Creek. Ilısu Waterfall, is the most in the spring, especially at the level of the gigantic rock the vote and coşkun rift makes a steep decline of about 70 fışkırırcasına meters. Surrounded by pine forests with the Ilisu Village and Waterfall is an exquisite natural beauty sights. Today, it is under a major threat, the beauty of the waterfall area HES allowed to be done no outstanding natural beauty by the environmental destruction for sure though. Similar formations in the value of natural monuments all over the planet are under strict protection and even the nails without permission in the region çakılamazken, natural values tribute auction may be sold. Locals stopped it when he says all Turkey's support to the region with a huge wrongs can return. At first, much more high flying water, stream erosion has become increasingly degraded, due to the power of the waterfall drops the water height in the 200 meters, which occurs when it is estimated that up to. Waterfall next to the type of exceptional Visual is very suitable for cooling off. Falling waters, stones hit the heights are disintegrating and 50-60 meters uçuşmaktadır the environment. The waterfall is the biggest water supply source of the Ilisu dam Creek in the upper part of the waterfall is located 3 kilometers.