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The Ancient City Of Phykos

Physkos in the area, and the port city of Caria, and other residential units first quarters.

Physkos Carian language "Doğakenti". All elements of the nature and cause of this name beauty is within.

It follows that stretch up to 3400 BC. The ancient Carian remnants of this important port city of Marmaris is seen at Asartepe of downtown. However, the fortifications on the Acropolis survived. All localities of Caria in the hills and steep mountains slopes, such as. Settled area with rolling hills and Valley, and between Armutalan Beldibi slope.

Historians Herodotus and the famous geographer ́lu Bodrum ́lı Amasya, his father Strabo, Physkos ́tan in ancient times, the port of Ephesus and opened as the Eastern Mediterranean ́nın Mylasa.

Throughout the history of Western Anatolia and the Mediterranean into the existing sovereignty, especially in the Eastern only and important port opened. Mylasa, Alabanda, Troy, Pergamon, Ephesus and Miletus in ancient capital like the road network that connects the old coffee table have ́a, excessive, especially in relationship to the sea Harbor "the mother of the country" by repeating the importance Egypt ́la, highlights. At first, all kinds of trade (slave, marble, timber and wine) as the military after Egypt relations and civilization. The famous "K" war against the Hittite ́lilere of Egypt Was involved in the Coffee with the ship Harbour mercenaries transplant. Some of these mercenaries, by establishing their own cities the Nile Deltasına. Indeed, when the first inscriptions in Caria was found here. Egypt ́dan Bati Anadolu ́ya ability to make Physkos for the first time the art of normal human-sized sculptures ́tan.

Physkos is also an important centre of money on its behalf ́un is another proof. Physkos a valuable mine of money, United Kingdom ́de collector Mr. Borell ́in hands has been found in 1828 where it is located. This money is pretty large, bold, and extraordinary length that branched horns on the surface with a relief portrays 18 karya one row with the letters "Phi Upsilon sigma $ Y 2" post.

After the death of Alexander the great's Empire of Egypt-Rhodes formed ́in bound coffee table in this period as a commercial port, its importance has increased even further. And this is the location of the later Roman and Byzantine periods in taşıyabilmiştir.

English VIII. Henry, a document in the year 1513 Fiskos ́tan shop is also interesting.

In addition, a candidate in the Marmaris Museum in Boston (formerly Physkos) exhibited a significant Roman by specifying where the young Tiberius ́un has a bust of marble. Below the bust at the Museum until the museum presentation in English and the road map.

"Provenance/Ownership History: Said to have been found at Marmaris (ancient Physkos) on the southern coast of Caria; by date unknown: with k. j. Hewett, Esq., London (purchased from an English estate); by 1971: purchased by Robert e. Hecht, Jr. from k. j. Hewett; purchased by MFA from Robert e. Hecht, Jr., November 10, 1971 "

B.c. 4. It offers numerous bronze statues, auspices and are found around especially was converted into tablets

Archaeologist since time immemorial based on George Bean ́e various civilisations throughout an important port city in the scarcity of surviving city Coffee ́tan explanation, they are not they are embedded beneath the ground. Unlike other cities, piece by piece, the city ships to be used in the project has been installed and is the probability of the posting. Because there still are when it was founded in the city, hills and slopes in the middle and under the Earth, which is the famous harbour and sea ́un Physkos.