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Sümela Monastery

Sumela monastery, Trabzon, Maçka district, located within the boundaries of the Altındere Valley (ancient Greek name: Panagia) stream, on the western slopes of Mt Kandel (ancient Greek name: Mela) 1150 m high above sea level, on the old Greek Orthodox monastery and the Church of Panagia Sumela, full name complex (Παναγία Σουμελά) or Theotokos Sumela.

The Church was built between MS 365-395. Most frequently observed in Anatolia, Cappadocia Church was built in the style of; even in a similar cave Church in Trabzon, M. The church became a monastery with the first provider transformation about a thousand-year period between is unknown. According to a legend that is described between the Black Sea Greeks-Athenian with Barnabas and they saw the same dream at Sophronios two monks; in your dreams, Jesus ' disciples of St. Luke's, Mary's, three from Panagia icon baby Jesus in his arms as the pieces of a holding place where they saw the Sumela. On top of that as ignorant of each other by sea came to Trabzon, there we saw coming, and tell each other their dreams and the basis of the early Church. However, the frescoes of the monastery took place, often in a special importance to Trabzon Emperor III. Alexios (1349-1390) is thought to be the real founderof the monastery. [1]

in the 14th century the defense of the city exposed to Turkmen flock outpost has taken over the task of the monastery status has not changed after the Ottoman conquest. Yavuz Sultan Selim I in Trabzon's reign is known as a gift here during two large chandeliers. Fatih Sultan Mehmed, II. Murat, Selim I, II. Selim, III. Murad Ibrahim, IV.Mehmed, II. Süleyman and III. Ahmed is also one about the edict of the monastery. In the Ottoman period provided concessions to the monastery, Trabzon and Gumushane especially during the Anatolians ' region of Maçka Gümüşhane Christian and secret Christian North and surrounded the villages formed an area. [2]

February 24, April 18, from 1916 to 1918 during the Russian occupation like other monasteries near Maçka an independent Pontic State when it wants to install the Greek militia headquarters, fell to the Christians in the region with the population exchange after being sent to Greece by Turkey's Ministry of culture lost its importance by recently was abandoned to his fate until it until it is repaired. [3]

Greece the Greek city of Veria with Exchange to gamble the Karadenizli Sumela have built a new Church. Every year in August, just as they did in the past to Trabzon, Sumela monastery around new large-scale festivities.

with the permission of the Government of the Republic of Turkey in 2010 Hristiyanlarca Virgin Mary's Ascension Day on August 15 and is considered to be sacred for the first 88 years Rite Patriarch of Fener Greek Rite edited Dimitri Bartholomew.