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Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys

From now on, an inland sea millions of years ago the region of Cappadocia. Archaeological excavations in the South of the region, in the presence of primitive fossil sea creatures in this thesis. Located in the Centre of our world, together with the mobilization of the Earth's crust layer of magma deep in the Earth's crust, the hot lava through cracks in the Mount Erciyes and Hasan by finding ways and Gerard are Earth begins to outbursts of the volcano. This dried up the sea and the sea is located along the volcanic, bustling place with lava pits in the region started to fill up. The first factor in the formation of fairy chimneys of the lava pit is accumulated in a region. Or does not occur in every where Fairy Chimney spewing lava.

Over millions of years after the eruption, spewing lava lava cools on the hardened layer hardening lava eruption again this form stops this ongoing cycle of volcanoes continues until you stop the activities. I mean, it's not the lava layers at one time as a result of the cooling of the lava eruption and many times. The second point is that we should know today as we see the formation of the Fairy Chimney Rock from the center of the world of hot and fluid is formed of lava harden. Although though the toughened a simple screwdriver with oyulabilecek so soft.

Volcanos out after commissioning rivers. Hardened lava rivers flowing through rock as seen in the photo above, eroding deep valleys to occur. These deep valleys, wind erosion of different portions of the slope direction due to a wavy appearance. This structure is the first stage of the formation of fairy chimneys. As you continue the wind erosion by leaving some sections from the main track as far as we know, they get a view of the fairy chimneys.