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Akdamar İsland

Akdamar Island (also written as Ağtamar, in the form of the Church, his French counterpart; Armenian: Աղթամար), located between the provinces of Van and Bitlis Turkey Van is the second largest island located in the Lake.

Of van Gevaş district located within the boundaries of the Armenians in a church on the island ́den. The island has an area of 70000 sqm total coastal length of 3 kilometers. The highest point is above sea level on the western end of the island in 1912 metres above height of 80 meters there are steep cliffs.

Where the name of the island according to the widespread story about, living on the island in the Armenian head monk's fabled beauty of Tamara has a daughter named. In the villages around the island this young girl who falls in love with a shepherd. This young Tamara swims to the island each night to meet up with. Tamara is at dusk to replace him and a flashlight. The girl's father, who knew about this in a stormy night descends from the shores of the island and the flashlight continuously replacing the teenager to no avail and causes it to lose its power. You found the strength to swim, the young shepherd and tired before drowning with his latest breath, "Oh Tamara!" he screams. Hearing this, immediately after she leaves the waters of the lake itself since then, ada Oh Tamara! discusses with the name. This is the legendary Armenian poet Hovhannes Armenia story narration.

This is consistent with the historical facts of the legend, it is certain that it is weak. 9. the Arabic name Ağtamar from a century saved ĞMR from the root, "swelling, bumps" meaning be a derivative can be evaluated as a stronger possibility.