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Antalya Karain Cave

Karain, Turkey is one of the largest natural cave. The height of 430-450 meters from the sea. 30 km northwest of the old town of Antalya Antalya-Burdur Highway 5 – 6 km away is located within the borders of Yağca village. Antalya-Burdur Highway 13. km turning left from Karain signs in the Karain cave is entered in its path. The distance is 27 km from Antalya. digs since 1946. Excavations of the area's present 500,000 years ago also used as Center concluded. Turkey is the biggest cave in of the people lived. Finds in the immediate vicinity of the cave of Karain Museum and exhibited in the prehistoric section in the Antalya Museum.

Karain cave, Anatolia and the Near East is an important Palaeolithic history. Paleolithic caves, neololitik, CHALCOLITHIC, bronze in the era of the classic ages and protohisto like people are in a constant manner by the settlement. Excavations at the Karain cave archaeological finds from the lower Paleolithic to the late Roman period settlements with traces of Anatolian archaeological studies, an important gap. More classical periods use Abb cave (Temple), the Greek inscription on its forehead and outer walls of the caves and niches.

Most of the known Paleolithic caves on Earth only represents a period as lower, middle and upper Karain uninterrupted stratification and data obtained from this layer, especially the links between Europe and the Near East and migration routes as it is important in terms of advising. Karain seized from Anatolia, the oldest known human remains unearthed in the cave, as well as portable art objects, are the first of the Anatolian art. The cave entrance is money.

In addition, the plant and animal remains in the Western Mediterranean with the ancient environment of the undertaking an important role in other surrounding Karain, along with natural and cultural features of the cave hence as world heritage in mixed sit. Excavations in the cave is still ongoing.