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Lake Nemrut

Nemrud Lake is the world's second, Turkey is the largest crater lake, lived at 2100 BC, the name of the King of Babylon, Nimrod has taken from. Nimrod Lake is Lake Van basin West of Tatvan, Bitlis province, Moncton and is located between the districts of Abu Dhabi. [1]

In Nemrut eruptions resulted in mouth width that occurs as a result of 48 km2, bottom width of 36 km2. Nimrod 2247 m altitude at sea level on a caldera crater field in two big features a total of 5 Lakes. The average depth of 100 m and deepest point 155 m. The volcanic hot springs of hot water around the Lake and is the last traces of activities. Fed with spring water and snow and cold waters of the Lake and the deepening Nemrut is sweet. Analysis of water samples a clear, colourless, odourless and taste of regular drinking water. Water, in terms of radioactivity, is in the normal range. the degree of acidity pH 7.4 with mild alkaline. Nitoplankton Lake Nimrod, which is very rich in 1986 in a small number of dropped, mirror carp, soon increased and can be executed on level of fishing. [2]

Here is a combination of plants belonging to different parts of the Lake levels continue to remain almost constant rainfall and evaporation balance be established, have shown that a describe here.

Nemrut crater formation of Pliocene tectonic geological period in Eastern Anatolia, starts with a booming expansion depending on the compression of the fracture. The geological history of Eastern Anatolia were examined, with the Lake Van basin before Mus basin United. The volcano is composed of 1760 m high currents this basin with separation of Rahva plain and Lake Van has become today, volkanizması has been the result of Mount Nemrut. During the process of formation of nemrut approximately 210 km ³ sprayed around the volcanic material around. [3]

Nemrut volcan he first explosion is about 110 km of the total item ³, precipitated the near environment. The amount of lava is about 30 km ³. Over time, accumulated at the edge of the lava flows, the chimney height of 4000 m above. In the meantime, gaining height with the blockage of the chimney into a long measure of circuit yanardağda gas and molten magma layer is thoroughly stuck and eventually have cost a great deal of pressure. In addition, radial and circular cracks on top of the chimney down and weakened by expanding today's caldera. Approximately 40 km2lik has a Caldera, our country's volcanism Nemrut witsum within Nordfriesland district in terms of activities, the most characteristic and is one of the most original topographies. [3]

The Western half of the floor of the Caldera Lake Nimrod. At the Summit, two continuous, all three of them are five seasonal Lakes. Nimrod Lake is the biggest thing of semilunar Nimrod Lake. The average depth of the Lake is around this 100 m. The North West edge of the Lake at a point 155 m depth was measured. There is no visible outward flow of Lake Nemrud.