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Abana, Kastamonu province, a district on the Black Sea coast and is in the same district of town. Kastamonu is one of the five boroughs of the Black Sea coast of Abana, attracts the most district of the province. The winter population of about 3000 people of Napier in the summer 15-20 thousand. About 6 km-long sandy beaches and green nature is an important tourist center of the region.

One of the oldest settlement of the Black Sea Are there is no definite information about the history of the organization. Aiginetes is the oldest name in history. But up to this place in the ancient sources Paphlogoniya 7 BC. century is a small coastal town was founded predicted. (Strabo)

Abana, 3 km east of where the principal and is currently located is located in the neighborhood of Anita today. The archaeological excavations confirms it. (Pr. Dr. Bilge Umar)

The first data about the Ottoman archives in Abana 1530 (Hijri 937) to kitchens. At that time, Accounting-I Vilayet livasının in Anatolia, which is one of five districts of Kastamonu Ankur_doc as a village in the District of Abana. (State Archives)

Abana in the Ottoman period depending on for the first time in 1880 Kazasına İnebolu township status.

Abana in the historic period of national struggle mug shot has been expressed as follows: "in the national struggle, Kastamonu's having one of the first radio lines Abana district, at the front defensive barbed wire to be made and sent to the front cut all the phone cords in the borough." (Nurettin Pacheco)

The Republican period, Abana in 1945 made the village and the district Center 83 Cars and, for the County by law dated 21.12.1953 Abana. The decision of the Constitutional Court in 1968, also attached to the town again with 10 village.