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Floating Island

Floating Island, on land that is not connected, the water's surface in the island. There are 22 known floating island in Turkey.

Hanzarşah Village in the District of Bingol province, Scott Adel Lake has three islands acting in hamlet. [1]

He was discovered by the people living in the region Yüzenada. The island in question, so far unprecedented natural disasters. Bingol-Solhan highway 4.5 km away. Path is stabilized, 1.5 km. In the case of the repaving the road and lake reclamation will increase the interest of local and foreign tourists.

Bingöl tourism is based on nature's beauty. Yüzenada is completely natural. Lake surrounded by mountains on three sides and the top of the crater lake located on flat terrain. The present area of the Lake is over 300 m². More than 500  in breeding. The depth of the Lake is thought to have been more than 50 metres. The Lake has been found to discharge all the time. Under the Lake and entering the water from the bottom of the Lake belt by more than the lake bottom Creek. Small sources confirms this view. Summer and winter, the water level remains the same. The water is sweet and clear, does not contain any mineral salt. It is possible to raise fish. There are three islands acting through the middle of the Lake. The Islands in the Lake. Binildiği time on slow all over like a raft. Four or five on the island, and outer Beck tree available. Powered by the water of the Lake surrounding plants available. The grass roots on the island due to the soil completely Aralia plant roots stuck with boiled and. Also located in the middle of the island of the Lake structure examined a variety that grows grass and water meadow, discrete plants is available on the island. Various plants in the vicinity of the Lake. Green land outside the area of the Lake is very high. The surrounding area is covered with oak and green space. There are around Sesame plants. The island, tourism contributes, too.