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Olympos was founded in Hellenistic. 100 BC in the leading of the Lycian Union and three have six votes from the city. The Commandant of Rome, Servilius Isauricus in 78 BC, Olympos hackers clearing to the territory of the city of Rome and the Roman city known before of course, gas is the cult of the God Hephaestus built for the blacksmith in Cirali open-air altar with a great reputation. In the early Middle Ages, M.S. 4., 5. yy are the first written source information about Olympos Christian owner assures that the Bishop of the city, 7. century post for now is dark. City M. S 5. yy with 7.yy datable between 12 pieces is located the Byzantine Church, which in the early years of Christianity was an important city of Olympos. Knights of Rhodes in the Mediterranean Venice, Genoese presence felt especially 14. yy then frequented by harbour of Olympos is the should be plausible. The city lost its importance before the Ottoman naval superiority is that probability. Because the Mediterranean Antalya and Alanya Kıyılarındaki add up as written and archaeological activities, although there is no any data during the Ottoman Period of Olympos. Based on archaeological data, Olympos urban activity in 13. It is possible to say the end of a century. Olympos, through which you spread on either side of the Creek. The beach is located on the highest peak of the tombs and the Acropolis of Olympos mainly belong to the middle ages, this area only a fortress. The remains of structures on the hill forts in and belong to the single-storey civil building. This is like Venice looks down on you can watch the beautiful image of the river. IKE, the edges of the walls in polygonal made technical channel lured into, what we saw today both sides of the tracks, during the Roman period probably was built in the form of retractable, piers are stone mesh combined with a wooden bridge, body. On the South side of the river seen arched structure located in the city on the coast right now is one of many basilicas. In this part of the city, it's hard to navigate due to vegetation of Olympus theatre. The theater's vaulted parados, the band and scattered pieces of architectural sculpture decorated environment here indicates a typical Roman Theatre. Theatre between the sea, to the East, respectively, during the Hellenistic period the polygonal city wall, the remains of the river edge ErkenBizansdönemi Basilica and the large baths that belongs to the small baths, Basilica and organic connection items to build.

Olympos is the scope SIT area in and around the ancient area for construction is prohibited. Accommodation in tree houses. This is the most important stop of the stroller. In addition, the National Park of Olympos Beydaglari mountains, near the region of climbing mountains is an ideal area for those who are interested.

Olympos, Antalya, 100 km away, loggerhead turtles hatch as a protected archaeological site because it is the area, usually University students and a backpacker Tourists preferred holiday village. Tree houses, tents can be used as a venue for outdoor areas, the important features of the Lycian way.