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Hidiv Kasrı

Hidiv Kasrı, İstanbul's Beykoz district Barred their backs. in 1907, Egypt's last Italian architect Delfo Seminati hıdivi Abbas Hilmi Pasha was built to. In accordance with the architectural fashion of the period is in the art nouveau style.

Hıdivlik authority of the Ottoman Empire, Egypt gave to the Governor. Governor of Ottoman Egypt young "Khedive Abbas Hilmi Pasha", 19. at the end of the century, to break up the British influence in Egypt and the Ottoman Empire in order to provide long-term support from had to remain in İstanbul. On top of that, nowadays the Pavilion in 1903 where she bought two wooden yalı. Abbas Hilmi Pasha after a while, Yamin behind wooded slopes and 270 acres of garden covering the upper plain. The wooden yalı yıktıran Abbas Hilmi Pasha, in 1907, on an area of 1000 m2, the Italian architect Delfo Seminati as that era architecture to fashion a splendid Art Nouveau Pavilion and seeing tower built on the Bosphorus.

Egypt, occupying the British country-Kingdom system, bringing Abbas Hilmi Pasha from the title of Hidivlik. Abbas Hilmi Pasha, moved to Switzerland upon lowering the throne (or sent into exile) here today. Pasha family remained until 1937 at the Khedive. In the same year, the İstanbul Municipality Hidiv sale..

The Pavilion was left neglected for a long time, in 1984, Turkey touring and Automobile Association was restored by Çelik Gülersoy in the name of and for a while served as a hotel. 1994-1996, restored again between Hidiv Pavillion's management, in 1996, the family moved to the metropolitan municipality of İstanbul company Beltur.Currently, restaurants and social facilities. A Pavilion is the largest rose garden in İstanbul on the face of the exterior and interior are also historical events such as weddings. Behind Woods and steep hiking trail is evaluated for sport and hikers.

Architecture of the Pavilion, which, outside of the Ottoman architecture, the Western style (art nouveau). In the middle of the main entrance there is a magnificent and monumental fountains of marble. The ceiling is covered with the amount rises to the roof and vitra. In various parts of the elegant fountain and pools. As the links between the plan of building through the lounges around the pool in a circle. This apartment is only the entrance hall by. This Hall is another remarkable detail the historic lift. The private rooms upstairs.