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Midas Monument

Midas Monument, located around Eskisehir are among the most important historical monuments. Memorials, town and a very important to clarify the history of the place. Midas Monument is an important location for the date are compacted, works 19.century not a business failure. In this century a British officer's attention is the first major historical monuments related information has been obtained about half a century later.

Midas Monument by examining the writings of m. d. a history dating back to the year 550. Research shows that the first settlement in the region by the year 3000 BC is based on. Starting from the first settlement in the area were being built for a very long time is regarded as a sacred area. The most famous King Midas, which dominated the region in the period of the Phrygians arts reached the Summit of his art and the works of their own.

Midas Monument is astonishingly well preserved, gave the most important works of art in this period, as the Mother Goddess Cybele was built for. 400 m2 area of this work is 17 meters high. Reflecting their art of civilization this monument was carved onto tufa. Currently on the work that does not have any other defect through a crack is still there are three inscriptions that cannot be resolved. These inscriptions in the first of the gods of the "fire" and "King" known as "the protector of Midas Midai legible words". The third inscription is "b" çözümlenebilmiştir. This information, except for the inscription still remains a mystery.

Midas Monument is also known under the name of yazilikaya. 210 meters southwest of the work known as Little more than a monument to Yazilikaya. These two have a lot in common with each other, the monument. Both were decorated with geometric motifs. But less is not complete Yazilikaya. They began to process this monument in Phrygians top however none of this process at the bottom. Nevertheless, on the basis of the similarity of this work to be done in order to be used in religious ceremonies is desired.