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Bebek Beach

Bebek, İstanbul's Besiktas district on the European side of the Bosphorus, in the area. Rumeli Castle located between and with General high level income Arnavutköy seated area, also has a sea Bay of the same name.

As a small fishing village, district of the pre-Christian era in the history of the oldest known name is thought to be everywhere he went, various sources written in a variety of ways (Challae, Chilai, Khile) Skallai (scaffolding) is a corrupted form of the word allege Hallai.

During the Ottoman period, belong to the origin of the Baby name Baby and first information goes to the right before the conquest of İstanbul İstanbul's Rumeli fortress during the siege and ... This weakened Byzantine rule in the region, even when they're connected to Galata of fishermen villages here. Evliya Çelebi, in the first place, some sources II. Mehmed II the Rumeli fortress during the siege and the construction of the peace to ensure the Baby was appointed a dubbed at Çelebi ground handling or Basil; Baby a Pavilion, and a garden that Çelebi neighborhood, after his death, his name is remembered in the neighborhood.
Baby's popular district Ababa arrive III. Ahmed (1703-1730) and the Grand Vizier Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha to the time. During this period, Baby Hümayunabad in the Garden Pavilion, fountain, bathhouse, Mosque, school, Baby, mills and shops built area gets very full about now started; The Turks, Greeks, Jews, Georgians, and Armenians in the neighborhood mansions mansions, stately mansions are in Equatorial Guinea.

Went from being a summer neighborhood to become permanent in the 19th district. the start of boat mid century, and then the arrival of the streetcar. from the end of the 19th century, on the beach and back towards the mansions and pavilions has sprung up. in 1914, published of the Şirket-I Hayriye Bogazici, Bebek is majority Muslim, but British, French and Americans, including at one time. The presence of Americans in 1863, Robert College was founded on their backs and a baby the Arnavutköy American Girls College class can connect to teachers.

1965-1970 and then protect the tops of the Throat and destroying their fast construction of green Baby back during the largely disappeared; the old wooden and masonry houses demolished apartment buildings, in a way, very busy Baby slope (Sharh Yokuşu) Etiler is connected to.