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Ülker Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, ul-Haq Stadium or Fenerbahce Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium official name ulker sports complex [1] located in Kadıköy, Fenerbahce match played 50.509 [4] with a capacity of 7,000 seats. Turkey's largest 4. the stadium is the home of. Penny Dere's Kalamis Bay is located in the area to the immediate east of the place where.

Name rises over the land and to Fenerbahce 1934-1950 Şükrü Saracoğlu between Chairman of Liverpool Football Club and in 2015 from Yıldız Holding agreement with Fenerbahce Ulker for Stadium [6] from Şükrü Saracoğlu sports complex. 

The newly renovated stadium so many times finally fall to pieces between 1999 and 2006 made again won the appearance today. Arena, May 20 2009 from Werder Bremen with Shaktar Donetsk in the 2009 UEFA Cup final hosted the. 

I used to be Scarce in the early 1900s, the network is called the priest's Meadow in this field, especially sitting around British and Greek youth match Fashion. in 1908, II.Immediately after the proclamation of the constitutional monarchy, established here on the recommendation of the İstanbul Mir Karamat Brynner Union Club, the priest's Meadow, it's a 30-year lease under the Union Club became known as the pitches. Approximately 3000 gold brought from England and private spending fixed field overgrown grass. Is laid out in a format suitable for football, none of the wind, the Castle at that time, very few are courtside or game viewers but 100 people attend the white painted that can receive small stands.

Matches are held do not provide the expected revenue, dropped the Club unable to pay her rent, dispersed shareholders. in 1915, the name of the Union Club, Union sports club was converted and became known under this name in the field. in 1924, until the opening of Taksim Stadium, all important matches was made here.

Gradually lost his importance in the field, 1929, Finance Minister Şükrü Saracoğlu was transferred to the national real estate before his effort, then he was loaned to Liverpool Football Club. Ago over wooden, concrete, 100 m² and new grandstands were built with a capacity of 2,000, was made the second grandstand in front after 1500 people. But these repairs by changing the locations of the castle during the windswept become unsuited for football was created a situation. Fenerbahce Stadium in this new State, the Governor of İstanbul and May 1932, Mayor Muhittin Üstündağ 's reopened in a ceremony which was attended by

Arun on June 5, 1932 in the clubhouse burned in the fire. At first, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in this difficult period the State administrators decided to help Fenerbahce. Clubhouse disappearing Fenerbahce at least to have its own Stadium through the efforts of the Fenerbahce Stadium, Stadium again July 6, 1932, in accordance with the date and resolution 1213 10 installments be paid on condition of 9000 pounds (1000 Resat gold) was sold to Liverpool Football Club. [9] However, Fenerbahce, Turkey has won the distinction of being the first Club to have ownership of the stadium. [10] when the 36000 m² and 500 pounds of the money needed to be taken of himself and gave the remaining quantity of Atatürk is 50 cents tickets sold are the first things Lottery with Fenerbahce Sports Club.

From this date on May 19th with all important matches in İstanbul shows here. 1940 Balkan Games and also hosts the stadium, in 1947, Mithatpaşa Stadium (then Inonu Stadium) began to lose its importance on the construction. Architect Paolo Vietti-Violi mithatpaşa Stadium's Fenerbahce Stadium they prepared for the project however, was removed from the stands capacity 25000 people in 1949. But when to 1955, where only insignificant district matches.

in 1962, stad, half 2.5 million, while the other half, Liverpool Football Club will be recognized to the 70-year-old in Exchange for the right to use physical education was transferred to the Directorate General. Now that does not respond to the need for the field was closed in 1964 and 1965. After 18 years of construction, played on September 19, 1982 game against Fenerbahce-Altay. 

Standing approximately 32000 spectators reaching a capacity of Fenerbahce Stadium, wind break and the audience was kept in order to increase the capacity of the grandstands at the start of the early 1900s, high places and castles. at the end of 1993 the stadium illuminated, night games are also unconditionally suitable textbooks. In July 1998 Liverpool Football Club and youth and Sports General Manager with the stadium agreement signed in Ankara between 49 years on loan to Liverpool Football Club. [12]. For many years the name of the stadium as Liverpool Stadium, 22 July 1998 former President Aziz Yildirim-led administration by the Şükrü Saracoğlu was given his name and present.

August 3, 2015, the club said in a statement at the Yıldız Holding; within the framework of the negotiation of a 2015-2016 season starting from 2024-25 Fenerbahce's Sukru Saracoglu Stadium's name until the end of the season, sundry other advertising and promotion, covering the rights of 90 million us dollars, it was announced that a contract has been signed. 
The project will improve the capacity of the stadium, was constructed during the Presidency of Aziz Yildirim. According to this project, Marathon and they demolished the stands behind the goal was made again. So used to watching the match, giving the opportunity to the person capacity 25000 Stadium to accommodate a little more than 50,000 spectators.

construction of bleachers started in September 1999 with the capacity of the stadium consists of working. Both were taken off the bleachers capacity of 10000 spectators. Construction started in September 1999 and August 20, 2000, during the 2000-2001 season opening game against İstanbulspor opened the match "Migros Tribune" with capacity around 30000 were removed. Construction of the other in the same season and bleachers. May 6, 2001, Fenerbahce-Galatasaray match played "Telsim Tribune" ("Turk Telekom from 2009 Tribune") with the introduction of the service, to a capacity of 42,000.

With the demolition of the stands long marathon routine plays a grandstand atmosphere matches the deprived Liverpool, this was affected by it. Construction jobs finished at the bottom of the pin were decided quickly on 2 December 2001, Fenerbahce-Besiktas match, played in all 16 February 2002 opened with Fenerbahce-Galatasaray match.

Marble floors, glass walls in the bleachers with two kata will take capacity 5000 fans, cafe, pub and restaurants. Press the dressing, and referee rooms, administration and meeting rooms, 60 luxury lodges, the newly opened under the bleachers and Helen in the Liverpool Museum, supporters.

in the first half of the 2002-2003 season, over the bleachers behind the castle is closed.

in March 2005, instead of the number stands demolished 9 months was made the new grandstand. February 26, 2006 game against Fenerbahce-Besiktas played, the new name "Fenerium Tribune" on top of the Numbered Grandstand, and entered service in April at the bottom. Thus, approximately 6.5 years of renovation of its Stadium capacity with 53.500. [14] Helen entered service with the Press Tribune sports writer Byron's tribute to İslam "İslam Byron Press".

After construction, all with special steel construction on the roofs of the bleachers made history in nuisance and reduces the viewing angle of the audience have been removed completely the columns.

the 2006-2007 season, the team replaced the bleachers watched matches. As for the first time in Turkey, in October 2006 the stadium bleachers added to heaters [15]

2009 UEFA Cup final, May 20, 2009, Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium. FC Shakhtar Donetsk from Ukraine with Germany came up against Werder Bremen from the match, 1-1 after regular time ending with equality played a scorer in FC Shakhtar Donetsk to extend the trophy. [8]

2009-2010 season with work done on a grass field at the bottom after heating and water costs. Then added some sections of the Stadium escalator. 25 December 2013 at Liverpool's official website said in a statement the right to name the stadium will be put up for sale was announced. [16]
Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium, Bleacherreport.com, released December 18, 2014, at the site of the greatest 100 Stadium list 19. .