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Urla, İzmir, a town 35 km from the city center. Güzelbahçe and Seferihisar to the East; West of the Fountain; to the Northwest of the Karaburun; to the North and to the South is delimited by the Aegean Sea. An area of 704 km². 16 village. Population is 59166 as of 2014.

The Township has 30 primary schools and 5 secondary education institution. 6764 sees the student's education in these schools 441 teacher. The County is rich in higher education institutions; Izmir Institute of technology campus, Ege University, Faculty of fisheries, 9 Eylul University Maritime Operations and Management High school.

Nature and history embraced the archaeological research carried out in Urla district in the Pier in Limantepe up to 4000 BC, for precise Höyüğü hub that can be uncovered. One of the most important finds is the city's port, one of the oldest ports of the Aegean Sea. Ancient city of Klazomenai is located in the port area, too. Kent, particularly in Antiquity an important trade center with the olive oil production.

Urla, Aydınoğlu with 1330 ' 30s for the first time met with Turkish sovereignty, XIV. participated in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the century. Urla 16. century Ayşe Hafsa Sultan in Manisa, built of the complex structure of the income of the Foundation has been involved in. Denizli District Mosque, Sungurlular mosque, the Haji Kaharmosque, Thomas Kalita Mosque and Mohamed Bey mosque and Thomas ŞadırvanıXV. and XVI. century made in Turkish.

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