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Meke Lake

Meke  Lake, located in the District of Konya's Karapınar, an extinct volcano crater in the middle of the explosion of water runs out of gas and the islets Lake. Kato-Ereğli road 7. km turnoff in the 2 kilometres away. The length of the primary crater pit Lake and 800 meters, a width of 500 meters. The Lake is 12 meters deep. Gets the name of the Lake are birds living around meke [1].

4-5 million years ago (Pleistocene times) that as a result of the volcanic eruption crater (pyroclastic cone), transformed into the Lake and silting water over time then the 9000 years ago in the middle of the Lake with a second volcanic eruption formed the second volcano Cone, over time he has evolved into a second silting in the Lake with water.

Meke Lake 981 m high above sea level. Located in the middle of and water level main Meke 50 m height 25 m deep, the Lake and the volcano cone water salty. M.m Maarı 2005, included in the list of the Ramsar Convention.

The volcanic mass forming the island structure, the most violent rains even has to suck. In order for the form of meke this is the reason for a thousand years. But in recent years, Konya basin because of the unconscious of the underground water consumption during the summer months it dries completely. Turkey has given a break on the rare migratory birds is one of our natural wonders.

Bird's eye imagery of the Lake [2], surrounded by blue water the circumference like a blackhead. This image of the Lake, "the evil eye" has led to qualify as. But they were taken to Konya Plain groundwater around the Lake and there are no more water is lost from the oldest appearance. Reflected in the press almost every year, the Lake is dry [3] [4]. Decreased lake waters during the summer months due to microorganism red color.