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Manavgat, Antalya province, with an area of 2283 km² the largest 2. . Manavgat waterfall, the river Manavgat river flowing through Turkey's most regular k. The district has a population of 208,500 (census). The population of the county seat, 2008 77321, 2012 population of 95,000.

Bishop at the time the notitia Manaua 6. yy from zikredilmiş, and finally in the year 1199 Manavğat (Armenian) was seen in the Ottoman Empire with the format of the idâri unit. The present day community centre, Manavgat River villages of the Sds and Düşenbe mutual sides was created by the merger. [5] Side (Selimiye village) and the ancient city of Selge (Altınkaya village) in 6 BC. century to install. Manavgat was founded in 1472 in the year 1220, the administration of the Ottoman Empire. Sultan Alaattin Keykubat the conquered city in 1221 Alaiyye putting the name M Turks with Aladdin's fate will be recorded forever the unity.

Surrounded by the Taurus Mountains North of Manavgat. The Beach Strip is covered with sandy beaches and unique. To the inner parts closer to the sea next to a rugged terrain of flat plains ekilebilen. Lurking between the Taurus Mountains Eynif Plain. The Taurus Mountains on the plateau of the nomads. Border in the East of the town on Alara, watermelon Tea and Manavgat waterfall on the Manavgat River town center with Turkey is also famous in the world as it is.

The county borders of Manavgat River on the Oymapinar dam and the Manavgat Dam there are two of them hydroelectric. Open to vehicle traffic in the pedestrian two three rivers 5 bridge.