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Malabadi Bridge

Malabādī Bridge, Silvan 23.2 km to Silvan district is located within the boundaries. You can easily access from Silvan. Diyarbakır Monuments are registered in the Inventory. Malabadi Bridge has been restored by the municipality of Silvan in 1989. Malabadi Bridge is the main elements that make up the logo of the municipality of Silvan. Malabadi Bridge is a bridge in the District of Silvan.


Artuqids, Tchidi Bashir Bin-I by [1] was built in 1147. Seven meters wide and 150 meters long is a bridge. The height of the water level until the lock moved 19 meters. Built with restorations.


Malabadi Bridge, the widest in the world is the arch stone bridges. The bridge is within the boundaries of the province of Diyarbakir. On both sides of the arch, inside caravans and passengers by, especially in the winter, two rooms used as shelter in the challenging days. The bridge is also used by the guards in this room before Daly is linked with the road with bottoms, the footsteps of the caravan from Daly, while in the more remote when needed.

Other lengths and broken lines each into three-part bridge, East to the West and is connected to the road with a slight slope. The middle section is a mass resting on a reef. Here pointed out in the open and with a very large belt 38.60 m basket handle Arch of three meters, in the form of a small clearing. The third part is the difference as the first part of a parallel situation is sustained

Two openings with pointed arches and here also connects to the road near where an angle. Thus, the bridge, one of five very large eyes. The bridge's length 150, width, height is low water level Keystone up to 19 meters. Bridge with establised. The great belt on either side of the 4.5-5.3 m, two light in the middle of the large arched Chamber, Arch top, came and was five meters width control of the gradient masonry on either side of a door and it also has two doors. One of them is up to the other side of the Batman. This leads to a ladder of the cubicle on the left hand side. These rooms are covered with high ceilings and brick. The Windows are wide and big.

Evliya Çelebi describes as follows: "the bridge on either side of the bridge as the iron doors of the Castle doors. This is the Foundation of the bridge on the left and right inside of the doors in the Association under the arch han are passers-by, they come in from right and left-time guests. The Arch of the bridge there are many under the room. DAS Windows şahneşin sit on the opposite side of the arch to the guests who will chat with the guys, who are fishing with network and angling. This bridge is to the left of the right and also nice windowed rooms. All the left and right of the bridge railings Nehcivan steel. But there is also a strength of supplies ironmaster kind of artful mastery hand railing and slatted precisely. In fact, the strength of the bridge was the site of master engineers select reputable art that have shown that none of these labor history did not show the architect.

Albert Gabriel de bridge into says: "Modern is not a static account in a piece like this, this time clearing the admiration and appreciation is causing. The dome of Hagia Sophia can easily under the bridge. In the Balkans, Turkey, the Middle East, this clearing, there is no bridge at this age. "
Evliya Çelebi, Lagari Hasan Çelebi mounted wrote about bridge; "Enters the dome of Hagia Sophia under Malabadi bridge"