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Panaroma 1453 Museum

The Panorama 1453 History Museum known as the İstanbul-Topkapı Museum, Fatih Sultan Mehmet's conquest of İstanbul, in a room with guns, kişnemesinin effects of Ottoman Mehter team and at a museum can be granted is panoramic. Topkapi is located within the Park.

The Museum opened on January 31, 2009 design & Development 2003, studies began in 2005. The Museum, at a cost of $ 5 million in 2008 [1] has been completed and, at the same time, Turkey's first panoramic Museum. The Museum's idea is the owner and project coordinator painter Hashim Citizen.

The Museum's panoramic painting 8 began in 2005 by the artist and was completed in 2008. Life drawing in this picture, with a panoramic view of 10000. Walls collapsed parts of the image and the extent of these areas, the first mayor of İstanbul to Hizir Bey, offered about the repairs of the walls according to the report. [2]

Panoramic picture of a hemisphere were drawn over 38 meters. Covered the inner surface of the hemisphere's picture 2350 m2, 3-dimensional objects between visitors with platform 650 m2 of visitor platform where every aspect of World War II. Mehmed II the Mehter March thousands of troops surround sounds and Takbir. [2] he also never gets old, 100 years in the picture can be used pigment ink. 

When that platform in the Museum audience, 10 seconds long can survive a shock. Panoramic picture for the first time at the Museum who, due to work habits and the sizes of the kavrayamayacak optical is real. This will allow you to grasp the dimensions of the image references, such as lack of start and end is due to the underlying point. The Museum, a visitor to the space is entered, again 3 dimensional sense of an external site çıkılmış. 

The occurrence of the Topkapi Museum, siege-the ramparts Edirnekapı. The first Turkish soldiers to the Museum around Victoria entered the Topkapi Walls and can be seen on city walls in Silivrikapı