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Fethiye Butterfly Valley

Butterfly Valley Oludeniz, Fethiye, Mugla province, county located within the boundaries of the natural resort is a treasure. Endemic species have protected as world heritage sites due to proposed 100 located on the outskirts of one of the mountain Babadağ Butterfly Valley, February 8, 1995 1. as natural site has been declared, and all types of construction. 350 meters surrounded by Valley walls name bluffs, hosted more than 80 types of butterflies and in particular has taken from Tiger butterfly. Source from a height of 50 metres and in Faralya spilled waterfall, a stream passing through the Valley reaches the Mediterranean Sea.

The original geographic structure of the Valley of butterflies, floral and get science circles, specifically botanists, and being the subject of investigation and lab work of entomologist; national and international environmental organizations and draws the attention of ecological processes.

Butterfly Valley Transportation is provided by boat departing from Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon). Faralya (Uzunyurt) reaches to the Valley a footpath from the neighborhood; but the rope climbing routes and variable surface must be accompanied by a guide, due to.

The Butterfly Valley wildlife preserve and taking the necessary measures for this purpose facility projects. Accommodation in tents and tree houses to visitors offering business opportunities daily, has a capacity of 500 guests and 100 acres of land on the Valley of butterflies as well as ecological agriculture; purification, cleaning and clean energy issues of the sea projects.

Butterfly Valley history BC IV. dates back to the 18th century. Lycia "Perdicia" some of the settlements remains just above the Butterfly Valley Canyon. These villages are referred with the name "Faralya". If today the neighborhood name Uzunyurttur. The Byzantine and Greek civilization to the late Ottoman time persisted, the hillsides have horticulture culture created with teraslanması so far.

Collector-photographers in the early 70s Rıfat Makes Butterfly Valley influenced by "Valley of butterflies" here you must put the name known as "Güdürümsu" by saying, this is the first time he was pronounced differently. His friend Dan Ball in 1987 using the name "Butterfly Valley" has launched the business in which I was born. The goal is consistent with the nature of the foundations of a life model and with the whole world locale. At first the musicians Nezih Thakur and Dan Ball, philanthropic Group undertook the mission to protect the Valley. They captivated the attention required an intensive campaign. For a sustainable development in the region because there is insufficient protection of illegal motion, active protection consistent with the different nature of thoughts and activities they tried to create a center that brings together.