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Augustus Temple

Temple of Augustus, is adjacent to Hacı Bayram Ankara Câmii. After 25 BC, the Temple of the God Men made on behalf of Phrygia was destroyed over time. Today the temple is situated on the remains of the son of King hükümdarıAmintos the last Pilamenes by Roman Emperor Augustus, was built to be a commitment on behalf of token of. [2] the Byzantines made various additions in a timely fashion, by opening the Windows of the Church.

This temple was founded in 1555 the Emperor Ferdinand sent Dutch Busbecque by. After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, in 1930, Dr. Hamit Zubeyr Kokane excavations, performed by all the architectural structure of the temple.

The four columns around the besieged are in four walls. Six of the ten five surrounding lengthwise surrounded him, pieces of the back four in front of the door of the temple, forty-two, two column spaces are available. Only the two side edges with embroidered wall door stops standing up with the old part. Originally located at the Temple of Rome and Augustus succeeded of works written in Latin and Greek languages indicating Testament (Res Gestae Divi Augusti) with an inscription that was put on the wall of the adjacent temple shrine. Today this temple, maintenance, repair and cleaning work continued.

emple, 25 BC-20 BC, between the years of conquest of Central Anatolia by the Roman Empire, and then Copy (modern Ankara) to be the administrative centre of the Galatia province was built in memory of editing as. Ankara Memorial, "Res Gestae Divi Augusti" text is considered to be one of the best and complete reached today is an example of the original text is now lost. Now the mausoleum of Augustus in Rome still Ripatta obverse inscribed bronze plates was printed on sheets of bronze, but that's already been lost without certain where they're going.