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Paradise and Hell Cave

Heaven and Cehennem or heaven and hell Obrukları Narlıkuyu, Silifke-Turkey near, natural, historical and touristic interest, very deep cave. The chasm of heaven and the pit of hell. The chasm of heaven and there are 80 meters between the pit of hell. Is within the scope of the Ministry of culture and Tourism Museum is open to visitors.

Chemical erosion wrought by an underground stream, as a result of the collapse of the roof is a large pit occurred. Elliptic mouth diameters 250 m and 110 m and a depth of 70 meters. Anita at the southern end of the base of 200 m in length and the deepest point 135 m, which is the biggest cave entrance and it has a small church at the mouth of the cave.
The inscription on the entrance door of the Church 4-line, this church is a religious person named the V century Paulus by dedicated to the Virgin Mary was built. Heavenly Graben is a fairly extensive each into a cascading stone stairs lead down 452. 300 the Church. theUnited. The Church in the next cave drop a mythological underground river of sound is heard. In the Mediterranean region, Silifke-Mersin, on the way there are two important Karst pit near the town of Narlıkuyu. These so-called sinkholes collapse structures developed in the plateau consists of limestone. Heaven and hell are sharp-cornered the deep concavity sinkholes. These two big hole at the top of the underground cave system formed by two çökelmesiyle corresponds to the chimney. The collapse of the roof of the base part of the pit, fell from above during the big blocks and masses.