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Dolmabahçe Palace, İstanbul, Besiktas, Besiktas Dolmabahce Street extending from Kabataş and İstanbul Strait, 250,000 m ² located on an area of the Palace. The entrance from the sea of Marmara, the Bosphorus shore left by sea, Üsküdar and Salacak are opposite.

Dolmabahçe Palace is in the area, four centuries ago, Ottoman Kaptan-ı Derya of the ships anchored, the Bosphorus was a large Bay. This is a traditional naval ceremonies put over time became a swamp. in the 17th century began to be filled in, [2] the Sultan held for rest and recreation of a "Hafiz" (hadayik-hassâ). This made at different times in the garden pavilions and a collection of pavilions, long Besiktas anti-Christian violence.

the right to the second half of the 18th century, Turkish and Western influences in the architecture of "Thomas Rokokosu" ornament shape, called gene under the influence made Baroque-style mansion West, Pavilion and fountain began to show itself in. Sultan III. Selim, the Bosphorus built the first Western-style buildings that surround the Sultan. Architect built a pavilion in the Palace of Beşiktaş to Melling, need other structures it considers expanding realized it. Sultan Mehmet Ii. Mahmut, Topkapi, Beylerbeyi and other anti-Christian violence Çırağan Palace's gardens are two large Western-style. In this day and age the new Palace (Topkapı Sarayı) virtually abandoned, even if it is not. Beylerbeyi Palace in Ortaköy Dolmabahçe Palace with marble-columned Pavilion in old Çırağan, Beşiktaş are II. According to the seasons changing Mahmut ikametgâhlarıydı. As his father to the White House as much Abdülmecid I etmemekteydi, there was only a few months in the winter. Almost all of the more than 40 children was born in Bosphorus Palace.

Abdülmecid I, after sitting for a while the old palace of Beşiktaş, by far the preferred classical palaces instead, residence, cottage, guests can spend a relaxing evening and agree, for the purposes of the execution of the Affairs of the State, the construction of a European plan and style Palace. [3] a radical like other princes of Abdülmecid education facing to the West, although a sultandı. Western music and Western style of Sultan's picture, he knew French enough to get along. When making the Palace; "The evil and the ugly nets here is illegal, here you only find things that are beautiful," said.

The present day Dolmabahce Palace, located in the Pavilion, 200 years ago, the devastation to the land acquired from the sea again to reveal precisely what date does not have any information on that. in 1842, is at the Palace and new Palace after this date, it is estimated that construction began. [4] However, this expansion of construction land in the surrounding fields and to the cemetery was purchased of expropriation. Construction completion date provides a variety of resources for different dates. However, at the end of 1853 House construction on based on what you told a French, still the Palace decorations of furniture is not yet apparent
The façade of the Palace was built by Sultan Abdülmecid I, İstanbul Strait along the European coast 600 meters. A mix of architectural styles of Europe, an Armenian Garabet Amira Balyan and his son Nigoğos Balyan by 1843-1855 was built between the years. fully completed in 1855 [1] Dolmabahce Palace, the opening ceremony of the Russians with the Treaty of Paris (March 30, 1856) has been after. [6] 7 Shawwal 1272 (11 June 1856) when newspaper Havadis Ceride-I dated, the Palace was opened officially on June 7, 1856 comments. [7]

The Palace during the reign of Abdülmecid I cut three million gold to Finance debt, treasure of the PDA and the beleaguered finance, pensions, in the middle of the month start instead of months later had to pay 3-4 months. [8] the goods under 5,000,000 at Dolmabahçe Palace Sultan Abdülmecit I just 5 years have been reported. [9]

The economy in the event of a complete waste of the Palace during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz that inherits from insolvency last of line. [citation needed] at the Palace that serves as the annual costs of 2,000,000 5320 people pound shows. Abdülaziz, adoration to her brother who died in the West. The Sultan who prefer a native lifestyle PA wrestling with cock fights had their curiosity.

May 30, 1876, Sultan Murad V through Ahmed IV and Ali in the Palace apartment was replaced by taken to Bab-ı Sarasker and Serasker gate (University Building) the allegiance ceremony was held. Murad v through Ahmed IV and Ali from Sirkeci to reign on the way back with the boat at the same time the Dolmabahce Palace in Abdul Aziz was being taken to another boat the Topkapi Palace. Brought to the Palace of Murad V through Ahmed IV and table upstairs to the Office of a second Mabeyn allegiance ceremony. The throne after Sultan Murad v through Ahmed IV and II. Ilana inside with all the city in honor of lanterns, lights turn on only at Dolmabahçe Palace was a room, the Sultan was working on the text of the Constitution. [10] the assassination was constantly doubts the Sultan giving sitting at Dolmabahçe Palace and Yıldız Palace. Thus, the Sultan, in the Palace remained only 236 days.
The Palace, built with large costs 33 years twice a year Big Muayede feast ceremonies held in the Hall. Sultan Mehmed V reduced the Palace staff in a timely manner, while very significant events taking place abroad, in the Palace, a small number of events during the eight-year-old. These events, 9 March 1910, the same year a feast given to 90 people, in March 23, a week-long visit to the Serbian King Peter the great ceremonies, Crown Prince Max's visit and the Emperor of Austria held a banquet in honor of the Empress Zita with Karl. A tired old Sultan's death not at Dolmabahçe Palace has been in the Yıldız Palace. VI. the title of the Sultan Mehmet Vahdettin, the Stars have opted to sit in, but he skipped from Dolmabahçe Palace homeland. [11]
The head of PARLIAMENT signed by the Telegraph field Gazi Mustafa Kemal Abdülmecid Efendi, was proclaimed Caliph. A delegation from the PARLIAMENT of the new Caliph of the Dolmabahce Palace Mabeyn's apartment on the upper floor of the Hall. Hilafetin removing the Dolmabahçe Palace with his entourage of Abdülmecid Efendi left (1924). [12] three years bitterly Ataturk Palace never Vacant. He gained prominence during the reign of House from two directions; Foreign guests in terms of culture and art in this space, politely, opening to the outside of the gates of the Palace.Shah of Iran Pahlavi, King Faisal of Iraq, Jordan's King Abdullah, the Afghan King Amanullah, came to visit the English King Edward and special Yugoslav King Alexander,by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk at Dolmabahçe Palace ağırlanmışlardır. Muayede September 27, 1932, The First Turkish Congress opened in the Hall, in 1934, the first and the second Turkish Language Kurultayları here. Establishment of Alliance Internationale de Tourisme Turing institutions world's European meeting organized at Dolmabahçe Palace, the Palace provided the first opening to tourism (1930).
During the Republic, Ataturk İstanbul visits the most important event in the Palace used as a residence, the death of Atatürk, November 10, 1938. Ataturk died in room 71 the Palace. Muayede established in the Hall in front of the body made the transition last respect imposed katafalga. After the Presidential Palace during İsmet Inonu, Ataturk by coming to İstanbul. After the single-party period in order to entertain foreign guests of the Palace, was opened. German President Gronchi, Iraq's King Faisal, Prime Minister of Indonesia Sukarno, France's Prime Minister in honor of General de Gaulle arranged the ceremonies, banquets.
in 1952, Dolmabahce Palace, the National Assembly, including by the Administrative Headquarters was opened to the public one day a week. on July 10, 1964 Presidential Inauguration of the National Assembly, made the official with the National Assembly Administration Headquarters with a letter dated January 14, 1971 of a tip showing cause. on June 25, 1979 by order of the President of the National Assembly no. 554 Dolmabahçe Palace opened to tourism, on a tip again in October the same year. Two months later, by order of the President of the National Assembly's phone began to serve tourism again. MGK on June 16, 1981, and of the Executive Directorate, the decision of the House have been closed to visitors again no. 1473, and a month later by order of the MGK General Secretariat no. 1750. [13]

Clock Tower, Furnishings Department, mid morning, Harem and visitors with the Dauphin Office cafeteria services for gardens and souvenir booths are created, this section was prepared by the Central and national culture and Publicity in palaces handle various scientific nature books, postcards and selected products from the National Palaces Collection reprinting of the table is on sale. On the other hand, Muayede Hall and gardens is dedicated to national and international reception, new regulations in the Palace Museum, the Museum of art and culture activities. [14] [dead link] The Palace serves as a Museum since 1984.