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Çırağan Palace

Ciragan Palace, located in the District of İstanbul province, Turkey's Beşiktaş, Çırağan Palace located on the Street.

Located between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy Çırağan today in 17. century known as "Naseem Gardens". in the 18th century decorates the coastline of Besiktas beachfront palaces and gardens known as the Tulip era ' flowers and Music is the most important symbol of Love ' era. During this period, as well as an entertainment culture was transferred to the brightness. Are the ruler of period III. Ahmed in his property look here, the vizier İbrahim Pasha-I-Azam bought and the first to isolate Nevşehirli Damat İbrahim Pasha by his wife Fatma Sultan (III. Ahmed's daughter) was built for. He called the Ciragan 'ale festivals düzenletmiştir mesh Festivities. That's what these events in this field means that the light from the Persian ' more widely known with the name Ciragan '.Sultan Mehmet Ii. Mahmud's decision to reconfigure this area in 1834. Waterside mansion available before yıktırır. School and mosque located around the structure is eliminated and is posted on a nearby Foundation also provides the Mevlevi. The new Palace is used largely to wood seems to based on the Foundation of the Department fully in the construction of the stone. 40 columns standing are given a classic look.

In 1857, the Sultan Abdülmecid II. The first Palace was built by Mahmud destruction, taking out a house in the style of Western architecture planned however he died in 1863, and because of monetary problems is unfinished construction of the Palace.

Abdul Aziz, the new construction of the Palace in 1871, incomplete forms, but not the West as Eastern architecture style selected and applied to the Islamic architecture of North Africa. Sarkis Balyan and his partner the contractor of the Palace Richard Narsisyan. The wooden building, demolished the old Çırağan Palace instead of a new stone foundations. The gates of the Palace's priceless one which are worth a thousand gold embroidered Vortik out of the hands of the Kemhacıyan. Sultan Mehmet Ii.Abdul Hamid, one of these doors that many of them likes-friendly Kaiser II Emperor of Germany. Wilhelm has the gift to. Around the world of rare marble, porphyry, Pearl has been used for the construction of the Palace such as getirtilerek. Building on the beach alone was spent on the Ottoman lira 400,000. Construction began in 1863 when finishing the Çırağan Palace in 1871, 2.5 million was spent on gold.

For the last time in March 1876 by coming here for a while, listened to the Sultan Abdul Aziz, among people considered demolishing the Palace of Beşiktaş Mevlevihanesi accession would bring bad luck to the plot rumors turn out to be leaving the Dolmabahçe Palace on the Çırağan Palace.

Sultan Albdülaziz's nephew Sultan Murad V was May 30, 1876, dethrone August 31, 1876 for lost his mental balance and today used as Harem Besiktas high school building. on August 29, 1904 and died in this residence.
14 November 1909, Ciragan Palace has been used as Meclis-I Mebusan Building. During this period the Palace during World War II. Abdülhamid great art from the collection of the works of Rembrandt and Aivazovsky.

Meclis-I Mebusan in January 20, 1910, in the upper section of the Hall and the rooftop heater chimney from a fire House was burned within 5 hours. Very valuable antiques, II. Abdul Hamid's private collection and has been burned to ash at Murad library.

At the end of World War I located in the period under the occupation of İstanbul Ciragan Palace ruins ' is a French fortification with the name Those Barracks ' was used by continental.

in 1930 the House's Garden, Beşiktaş Football Club by the name of ulu trees cut Honor was brought into a football field Stadium.

Later the famous Turkish architect Prof. Bonatz and Prof. Sedat Hakkı Eldem by, to a tourist hotel examination here. in 1946, located in the basement of the palace belonging to the Mevlevi Dervish graves, a fortification was destroyed in the excavations to search for gold yüzbaşısının in the same year a law Court İstanbul metropolitan municipality.

in 1987, in order to be used as hotels in Japanese Kumagai Gumi and restoration was initiated by the Turkish Yuksel Insaat, in 1990 the hotel was opened in 1992 House. After a long-running design and construction work "Ciragan Palace Hotel" was opened in 1990. Historical Palace is opened its doors in 1992.

House made after this renovation is completed April 20, 2006 and the Palace suites are completely rewritten.