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Pınarbaşı Ilgarini Cave

Sümenler Village is a neighborhood of the Ball through up to bigwig like ARI should have Occurred. Sen Yaylasından from steep and rocky forest trail out of the way on foot it is possible to reach the cave 2 hours on foot.

There are, of coursean arched entrance of the cave. When the two branches come in. At the entrance is a village in the rubble from the Byzantine period. There is a water cistern is going straight on the right way. This reservoir has been damaged over time. In this section, rooms and has a lounge with chandeliers, stalactites. When Word-of-mouth going the other way were allocated to the left Cave starting from – 250 m depth possible, and traces of human life for the year 2000 BC to kitchens. 4 in the world with these values. It is known that the cave. From the beginning of the road is a little down the stretch. So far, so when I was coming up to 40, built of stone and cornering in the shape of a path is used. The remains of the Church and this plateau there are grave. In this section are available in 7 graves. Tombs have researchers and other purposes over time have been destroyed. Skull, arm and leg bones found. To be able to continue on the road after this technical material. So far as the length of the cave, which is accessible via 858 m.