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Trabzon Castle

Trabzon Castle is located in the Centre of Trabzon, Trabzon, the highest part of the city, in the best case to present in the castle can be reached at the beginning of the works. Starting from the sea up into the hills behind the city dating back to Trabzon Castle, on the old foundations of the Byzantine age. The upper Hall, Central Hall and down the Hall are three different sections of the Castle, the former occurring stones collected from the monument. However, at the beginning of the present century, this time the same Castle stones were used in the construction of new buildings. Up 300 m North of the fortress, the remains of the theater did not reach the present no.

Evliya Çelebi mentioned like this: "from this Fort in the well has a similar deep trench hell seventy-seven men enter. Safi cutting rock. In the mosque, muhafazacı homes, cellars, cebehâneleri ".

Up, is the protector of the Acropolis Citadel. The first castle in 2000 BC.

The remains of some old sources Hippodrome, Tower and Palace structures have been mentioned here. From the remains of the structure known as the Palace of cut stone, the square plan. It's a big coincidence in time with the Emperor commissioned fine arts sections walls continued giving round views. Interested in various eras change suffered the inner fortress, is higher than the other forts in the South with a thick wall and Tower two-storey reinforced even further. To the East of the Citadel, overlooking the slopes Kuzgundere walls again. In this section, composed of rubble and blocks, sometimes also in relief. Trabzon Museum is located in the inscriptions dated to the Ottoman period, and some fortifications have been found between.

The Emperor II. Alexios (1297 – 1330) built Central Hall, is a continuation of the inner fortress Up fortresses, and a neat appearance. To the West of the fortress and Tomb and Yvonne gates, the doors of the tower with the other sections in the Tannery. Also here the Hisar mosque (Panagia Chrysokephalos Church), the new Friday Mosque (Hagios Eugenius), Government Office, Scott Bridge, Tower bath, double bath, Amasya Mosque, the mosque of Pasha and Musa Cute Chick.

Down the Hall, from the West and go down to the sea from the beginning immediately, as well as sign of Yvonne. Sunday, to the East and Mumhane in the South of this the door they are joining with the Middle Fortress sur sur. Down Hall is surrounded by St. Andrea Church (Maeda Black Mosque) Teacher Halil Mosque, Pazarkapi Mosque, Kundupoğlu and Yarımbıyıkoğlu Homes, eight Regular Baths, Tophane Bath, Hacı Arif bath, Louise Fountains are historical monuments such as the NCAA.

This section of the Emperor Alexios II Of Trebizond in time (1287 – 1330). But Down on the Rubble at the gate of the Hisar Fort, indicating that Mehmet the Conqueror made a tugra with inscription.