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Bodrum Castle

Bodrum Castle, Bodrum today and become the symbol of the "underwater archaeology Museum" is used as the Castle.

Bodrum Castle is built on a rocky area between two ports. In ancient times the island before this field can be connected to the city after the peninsula.

1406-built between St. Jean 1523 the Knights Templar Castle, square in plan, 180 x 185 m. List of country names given in different inner fortress towers. 47.50 m above sea level, the highest Tower in height of the Tower. Other towers are the Italian Tower, the Tower of the German Tower, serpentine Tower and the British.

The East wall of the castle outside the walls of the body is reinforced as part of the couple. Passing the inner Castle 7-point is reached. Doors on the crests. Badges on the crosses, flat or horizontal bands, Dragon and lion figures. Sapelin in the inner Fort has six including 14 cistern. Korugani, double cross-wall water moat, drawbridge, control tower, II. It is one of the prominent place of the castle of Mahmut monogram.

Bodrum Castle, 19. century the castle was used as a prison by the end of the period, the nature of the Ottoman Empire with a bath.

The Castle has been used as an underwater archaeological Museum today. The museum collections of the works of Turkish bath, Amphora exhibit, Eastern Roman ship, glass room, glass-shipwreck, coins and Jewellery Shop, a Carian Princess Hall, English Tower, torture and slaughter Rooms and exhibited in the German Tower. In addition, 20.8 acres wide land built Castle works is exhibited in the open spaces.

Museum, Museum of the year contest in Europe in 1995 "special praise".